Reimagining Family Office

I help global families and their family offices solve problems, procure positive future outcomes, and prepare for intergenerational necessity.

It’s vital for the families and their family offices to understand their vulnerabilities and become more resilient so they can mitigate risk and prevail in times of crisis.

My experience with some of the wealthiest families in the world has allowed me to distill best practices for discovering purpose and refining the vision, governance, structures, systems, processes, and culture that successful families and their ‘safeguard’ family office need in order to thrive.

I help families create or reinvent their family office to be of institutional quality and highly adaptive. My process engages all generations in the family and focuses on designing a generationally dynamic family office of people/systems/technologies that aligns the desires and capabilities of the rising generation and is able to triumph over challenges.

I offer my consultative proprietary knowledge and resources, incorporating: generational collaboration, globally dynamic wealth preservation concepts and structures, onshore and offshore family office entities, and the intertwinement of family office structures with family-owned private banks, family-owned insurers, and internal family-owned VC companies.

The vast majority of families and their family offices are often blind to both exponential (non-linear) accelerated opportunities and hazards, which have the potential to massively disrupt the lives of present and future generations. Often these events have a low probability in a given timeframe but high consequence when they take place.

We help families and their family offices think through and stress test ‘what if’ exponential opportunities and hazards. Unique to other consultative services, our precedence for multi-generational fluidity within the family and their family office is, ultimately, the only way for a family to truly become anti fragile.